How Fresher can get the dream job

       Landing a job straight out of college is getting more & more challenging due to fierce competition and ever evolving interview techniques employed by the companies.

      But worry not, this article here will help you with few basics on interview preparation which will assist you landing a job of your desire.

        First and foremost – preparing how to answer - “Tell me something about yourself” – this is the first thing that an interviewer ask. Have this answer ready. Practice saying it again & again and see how it comes out and make changes accordingly. Start out with your latest education detail and working backwards. You can also choose to mention your passion or hobbies. (If you want to know how to introduce yourself comment below - will explain in detail)

        Another thing that is of great importance is – “Good and clear communication”. You should be able to convey the message in simple yet effective sentences. So, try to keep it simple and do not go for hefty words.

        Keep yourself updated. You should know about the current affairs. What is happening around the world especially in your area of interest. This at times helps in deciding the course of the interview.

        Good command over English language – both in speaking and writing. (If you want to know how you can improve you communication skill and how to speak fluently comment on page -  will guide you in detail)

          Another point to be considered of great importance is knowing about the company itself. Do some research about the firm where you are appearing for the interview – stuff like – their history, current CEO/Chairman, their revenue, services/product they provide etc.

         Try to connect with the contact person/POC (& not the interviewer) before going for the interview (through contact number, LinkedIn, Facebook or link/contact details provided on Advertisement) and ask for what exactly they are looking and what sort preparations will be helpful.

        Pay utmost attention while preparing your resume. Proof read it several times if required so as to avoid any silly mistakes. Prepare your resume in such a way that you should be able to explain your resume line by line to interviewers, if asked.

        Appearance of oneself often gives an idea to the interview whether the candidate is serious about the job or not. So, do not take this lightly. Be well dressed up, neat and clean. Your appearance should be that of a gentleman.

        Practice some good phrases/one liners impress the interviewers. Trust me this helps !!

       Keep one or two job related questions ready in case interviewer ask you – if you have anything to ask – at the end of interview.

        This covers most of the basic non-technical preparation.

        Hope this helps.


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